Universal Zulu Nation Membership

We as Zulu family strive to be best that we can be and that’s Zulu.

We know that times are hard and life has it’s ups and down, but if we stick together as family nothing can get in our way. We are not only worlds oldest and largest Hip Hop organization, we are the only grassroots Hip Hop organization who’s been trying to bring people together.

As a Zulu member we expect you to always strive for greater heights in this world, and always keep in mind that a family that struggles together builds character together. Zulu Nation is no place for fools, wimps, hypocrites, wanna-be’s or lazy people. Zulu is here to groom the leaders of today for tomorrow. Strength is always in numbers and its the numbers we must uplift. So through our music and culture we as Zulus will do our best to uplift ourselves and our communities.

Remember that music is universal. It crosses all barriers. Hip Hop is a tool to unite youth and spread messages of freedom, justice and opportunity. Hip Hop culture manifests through DJ-ing, MC-ing, B-Boying, Writing and community activism and continue to be a driving force in the Universal Zulu Nation. This foundation has expanded to other cultures (i.e. Funk, House etc.) reaching youth of all backgrounds.The Universal Zulu Nation is a positive force in the universe.

The Universal Zulu Nation welcomes people of all nationalities and races. We are Hip Hop’s First Family, with chapters and members all over the world.

Why should you join the Zulu Nation?

As a member you have access to a worldwide network of open-minded, Hip-Hop oriented people that are all about making things happen. Our members are constantly throwing events, organizing rallies, filming movies, building websites, painting murals, etc… and most of the time it is all done from a grass roots level. The primary obligation of a member is to spread knowledge and set the foundation for the future generations. A common motto amongst members is ‘each one, teach one, in order to reach one’.
As a member you actually make things happen!

Due to its member base the Universal Zulu Nation has a vast amount of collective knowledge covering just about anything you can think of, that you would have access to. Whatever your dreams and ambitions may be, there is something in the Nation for everyone.

In addition, the Universal Zulu Nation is a family organization, and as a member in good standing you can always reach out to other chapters when you travel and be supported. These are just some of the advantages of being a part of Hip Hop’s largest organization. The rest are just too numerous to list.

What are the conditions of membership?

Basically, anyone who is positive minded and in tune with the precepts of the Zulu Nation beliefs can join.

Our philosophy is that we are strong believers in the culture of Hip Hop, we as Zulus realize that this is a real world, with real world problems and real world solutions. So, as a Zulu family we will strive to do our best to uplift ourselves first, then show others how to uplift themselves mentally, spiritually, physically, economically and socially.

We are not a gang, and as such we are not interested in members who are looking for that. We are a peaceful organization, but we reserve the right to protect our selves from any threats, be they internal or external, and will not tolerate anyone bringing negativity into our cypher. On the other hand, Zulu was created as an escape or alternative to gang life, and we will try to help anyone who is trying to help themselves, and will try to mediate problems and will support our members against outside threats.

Who can get involved with the Universal Zulu Nation?

Anyone who believes in our goals and can thrive individually and in group settings should consider membership. We will consider working with any organization that believes as we do. This means that we will consider joint projects with other organization that exists to serve our community. We also encourage all women, senior citizens, and children to consider becoming members. The only way we can rise as a people is by forgetting our differences and looking again to our families, friends, and support systems, for solutions to problems (instead of watching for some other person to tell us what to do).

Anyone considering membership can do so by contacting us by e-mail.

Please Note: Persons wishing to submit an application to become a member must first research and know what the organization is about before willing to join Zulu Nation. You can find information on this website, but also on www.zulunation.com and community websites like Facebook & MySpace.  Explore the Zulu links to the pages of hundreds of members from all over this planet so called earth.